Sunday, November 30, 2008

Christmas presents. I give them, I get them, even from my Atheist brothers and family. Nothing wrong with any of that. I'm linking to a post by the illustrius Hemant Mehta over at with his list of books to buy for the holiday season. 10 Books about Atheism You'll Want for Christmas. If the link ever goes bad, let me know and I'll repost the article from a backup.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Coming back and a note on Prop 8

Haven't been on in a while, but can anyone really blame me with the election going on? I'm trying to keep this a non-political site unless it really has to do with Atheism or libraries. Now, to almost break that rule...

California Prop 8.

I'm not going to sit here and say that all Atheists voted no on this issue (though I'd put the numbers really high for it). What I am going to say is that it's obvious that most of the people who did vote yes were religiously motivated. There has not been one reason for this ban that can't have the word "gay" replaced with "interracial" that doesn't have a religious reason. (Ahhh, I wish I could find the "yes on prop 8" video where they actually did this)

Good luck prop 8 supporters, this is all just going to get overturned in the state and circuit courts as Unconstitutional (with a big U for federal) and states are not allowed to have stuff that would be considered unconstitutional in the US constitution. Good try, but all you've done is pushed up the time for there to be a legal decision handed down by the supreme court that says gay marriage is legal. With Obama and the Dems in control, we're sure to get a liberal judge on the Supreme court. So, really, with your poor foresight, all the gays in the country should be thanking you.

Thanks Homo-phobes!!!