Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Librarians Playing at work is, apparently, stealing from the taxpayers

Ok, first, here's the "news" item.


With the video if you really want to watch, they're just playing Guitar Hero or Rock Band or something...

“Action” 3 News is so stupid. And so was this guy who “turned them in.”

Oh nos, librarians were playing a video game… just like our own librarians did not too long ago in the basement here at Kent. Oh nos, they bought a game system to help bring the teens in, like hundreds of other libraries have done for years; yeah, it’s sitting in a closet. It was expensive, they’ll only bring it out for special programs.

Oh wait, there’s more.

Oh nos, they spent money on land in Second Life, you mean just like the Library of Congress and countless other government agencies have done, including the FBI, CIA, WHITEHOUSE.

And that last one is just idiotic, they spent money to go to a conference!!!! They’re complaining about that?! Really?!

Nebraska: No, we don’t want any of our state employees to learn anything new, how dare they.

When this idiot Kevin first saw this, he should have turned to his son and asked his opinion. When his son said, "Hey, that looks cool, let's go to the Library" then he would have known why it was happening. When his son actually asked, "Is that bad?" should have been the tip. His son didn't think it was bad, AND IT ISN'T.

Stupid, fucking, Nebraskians. No... that's not fair. Stupid fucking Kevin Paladino; stupid fucking State Auditor Mike Foley, and stupid fucking Liz Dorland and Action 3 News for actually thinking this is news.

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