Tuesday, March 17, 2009

I don't do St. Patrick's Day

I am currently wearing blue (I'm just trying to be neutral, though blue was the national color of Ireland for centuries), and I will not be drinking today.

For the religious aspects of St. Paddy's day, I can't justify celebrating the idea of a man who drive out some snakes off an island... oh wait, that's right, they weren't actually snakes, they were the Druidic Pagans and other undersirables of Ireland including atheists, homosexuals, and probably Romani and Jews.

Even beyond that, in the modern sense anyone who wears green is really just saying they support the Catholic side of the clan wars that have been going on in Ireland for centuries. If you're Protestant, you're supposed to wear Orange today stupid.

Lastly, there are all those who say "Oh, just celebrate the secular parts." Oh, what, like drinking? Because that's "What Irish people do" Nice stereotype. Yeah, that's surely something I can get behind. Besides that, beer's gross.

At least I can find something in some of the other religious holidays (and there origianl intent) to get behind.
Christmas - Yeah, the days are finally getting longer, winter's almost over, lets exchange presents and try to be happy in the midst of this crap.
Easter - Yeah, the sun finally fucking came back, it's warm again, there's food to hunt, let's celebrate.
Valentine's Day - Even this one is okay, at least St. Valentine was trying to (supposedly) marry people who wouldn't normally be allowed to marry under pagan laws because they were Christian. Now, this was when Christians actually were a repressed minority, and good for him for standing up to it. If only Christians could think of this today and see the homosexual POV.

Anyway. I don't do St. Patrick's Day. If anyone can find something actually whorthwhile in the secular stance, let me know.

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Rose said...

I actually wore green and it was totally accidental. I just like green. :)